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all i can do is think of you

more cuteness

well, last chapter is closed, as a new one opens. except i get more of a feeling this isn't going to be just a chapter, more like part II or something more phenominal & fulfilling; perhaps this is the time i take what i've learned & apply it to life in the bigger scheme of things....
i'm ready, bring it on! *slaps chest like tarzan*

so today i am minus 8 pairs of shoes, 6 shirts, and one pair of jeans... ya, it was time to take out some of the old or unused clothes. it's also going to be time for me to get rid of a lot of stuff that doesn't carry much meaning anymore.
this is going to happen, i will clean up my messy existance here, get my shit together by paying off bills, sorting out school, etc. and then move on & out. by this i will be doing what i've always wanted... i can do this. i will do this.

i guess i'm in a clean up & purge mood. other things have been annihilated as well. bang bang!

which reminds me, i have a pretty good shot. i should take up gun firing lessons or something... hmm.....
story on that: my dad has an air gun & on my birthday we were hitting little metal targets in a box... ya. it was fun. Andrew hit 5 outta 5. i'm not that skillful... yet.....
& that's all on that.

and i must say that this album i'm listening too kicks ass. i mean... ya... there isn't one song on here i don't like. wow.
thanks Andrew. have I ever told you that you're amazing?

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