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oh wow

there is a lot of information to sort out.
i'm not second guessing my choice
i will not back down.
i'm just crossing my fingers that i don't get all distressed by everything i have to sort through to make this work
this is what i want
this is what i need

lotsa money to take out in my name. i will owe thousands upon thousands of dolla dolla bills yo!!!
all for a good cause, ME!
ah HA!
ya... my education, my youth... my adventurious life.
i'm happy my family is supporting me.
i think they see this as me spreading my wings and leaving the nest.
this time on my own.
without much or any help from them.
i won't even cost them a dime...
hrm. i might take that last statement back in about a week.


my honey returns to me on friday evening! HIZZAH!!
in case you couldn't tell, i'm hella stoked! yea!! *claps hands*
:o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o: :o) (o:

tonight was spent at misty & tys w/jess too! they drank... i was the uber sober one... i feel badly because i was kind of caught up in my own little world. mainly about visas. ugh. ya... anyway... so they drank. smoked like a chimney, played on the big toys... we watched s.park... hehehee... boobies make boys go ape!! ya...
my sisters room is getting repainted.. one wall is dark violet now while her closet is a light blue... hmm... ya. random bit of info i guess...

ok, i go to bed. i'm just blowing my time right now... i'll regret it in the morning for sure!
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