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i said a hip hop ....

went to a hip hop competition today in portland. there was a deejay, bboy & emcee battle going on. it was a twelve hour event... we cut it back to about nine... or eight.

when we got there there wasn't very many ppl, & the first event was the deejay battle. there was one good guy out of the whole lot. then a not so great guy on the turntables, but he could scratch w/his shoe, and then his bare foot. & there was this chick that was actually better than most the guys, and she was scratchin over & around her shoulders. that was pretty coo...
but i would have to say, hands down, that the bboy battle was the best. (second in place the beatbox competition they had going on the side) some of these guys put their bodies in shapes mine would break over. i was completely impressed. too bad some lame asses from LA won the money, they totally didn't deserve it b/c they had all the same moves throughout the competition, vs homeboys from seattle kept on busting out w/more difficult moves throughout the night. ::pfft:: it was lame, when they announced the winner no one claped, they only boo'd when it was announced that the guys from LA won.
the promoters/organizers of this event were SLLOOOWWW. so we ended up leaving before the last event even started... it was supposed to start at nine, however ended up starting at about 1030 when we left to get food.

hangin w/the girls was fun, but i'm mucho tired now... almost fell asleep, but lucky for me i had my free amp to boost me... good thing i'm more tired than it's got caffiene... otherwise i would be wired right now.

it was a fun night, however i would have enjoyed it more if my certain someone was there with me, watching those clowns tear it up on the dance floor, & protecting me from creepy guys. ::sigh:: not too long!!

overall a good & busy day. my butt hurts from sitting for so much of it though, but i'll survive.

tomorrow: project yard sale.

oh ya, i don't know if y'all have been too, or seen many bboy battles, but at this one, the whole time dj zigzag was spinnin disco. & i'm talkin oldskoo disco... i thought it was a bit odd... but was coo (i personally am a fan of most disco)

now: project sleep

Good Night!!!

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