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i was considering just dropping lj... but i decided against that... i guess.

september was great, went WAY too quickly tho
amoung some of the items i collected on my travels were these great boots.

i mean look at them, they're great!!! i love them, they keep my legs warm, and they're soft on the outside... and NO ONE around here has a pair like them!!! boo-ya!

;o) my sister is on a date tonight. i'm so happy for her cuz it's a guy she's really diggin!! *crosses fingers*

i have this uber cute skirt, it's gray with thin thin red lines, i tried it on, and it's too big! i mean, like ... WAY too big. i didn't realize i had gained that much weight my first year in college! all i have to say is that i'm SOOOO glad that i've shed that weight!! hmm... my mum says to me when they got me from the airport "you've lost a lot of weight" and here i thought i was eating WAY too much while with Andrew. guess not?

my initials are going to change, yup yup. starting the 16th of August 2003 you can start addressing me as S.A.D. ;o)


it's hard not having Andrew here. ::sigh:: right now i want to continue on & on with how deep I Love Him, & how happy he makes me with how funny, smart, handsome, loving, considerate, caring & perfect he is. ::sigh:: yet i feel that it be best if i leave that to the mass amounts of letters/emails i send him indicating my such feelings.

however, I do miss Andrew like crazy.

hmm... i should make flashcards for my art history classes right now.

Those who are afraid 2 fall never fly
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