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hey man, remember funky mamma??

i guess that was one of his best recordings.

wow. the shirt i'm wearing makes me SO look like a lumberjack.
errrr.... RUN AWAY!!!!

so last night i went to mah sis' homecoming *american* football game... heh. good times. her man (who is a senior) streaked the game at halftime.
i was SERIOUSLY amused.
he tripped, almost dropped the rainbow clown wig he had covering his major parts, then regained composure & ran... then when it came to jumping the fence (chainlink mind you) he kinda fell off it... umm... ya. poor guy, looked like it hurt, then he jumped the BIGGER fence with ease (boy should join track!) and then ran off to his getaway car.
hahahaa... the cops were just like... whaaaa??

in other news: i got our apartment. it's only 4 blocks away from broadway, and it has a "half" view of the space needle. here's the definition on our apts "half" view, bottom half = building, top half = space needle & olympics.

i'm so excited for things to get moving. literally & also in the sense of time just passing.

looks like Thanksgiving is chez moi this year.
oh gawd.
my mom explodes like hotdogs put in the microwave for too long when we hold holiday events here. i'm SO glad i won't be living here by that time. all i can do is offer help in order to maintain her sanity.
gawd i hope my sis doesn't crop up attitude on the days preceeding t-day & on the day of. that will NOT be good.

so ANYWAY... i'm supposed to be making a spode. i said i wanted to. and i do. i just don't know if the liquor store is open.
it's ok tho, we have PLENTY of alcohol here... i sure hope they like rum!!! ;o)

well, hope everyone's doing well... i am.

just missing my man. ::sigh::
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