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engenious stoner

first off, i must say... i love to drive.
secondly, i enjoy driving stoned.

now, if any of you have ever ridden in the car with me while i'm stoned you know that i will, eventually, end up talking about roads.

i digress ---------->
so tonight i get a call from regina, we talk about going out.


we really end up driving around a bit, smoking hello mary, hello jane..& juana & chatting... right more like me adding in my little bits here & there & them being totally engrossed with eachother.

ten minutes later:in the parking lot at TOPS food & drug
i'm dumped.

hello car
hello music

off i go.......................................................... away to think on my own

can't seem to find the right station...... i'd get a good song then i'd have to switch, just mixed it up a little.

what an interesting assorment of music i ended up with

all of a sudden

i had automatically taken my hand to my forehead, put my fingers in one spot, and then made a presto motion.

for one of my ideas for my portfolio had struck me.
almost literally in the form of a street sign

no, i didn't even come close to hitting one.

out of an assorted series of images, i shall have one group be on roads.
i know my arrangement, the ratio of b&w to colour, and which images will be the strongest.
now i have to find the decisive moment.

i shall search for inner harmony

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