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dolla dolla bills yall

blah blah blah.
very informative no?

it seems like no matter how much i work, i can always find ways to spend my money... like on shoes. or on clothes. omg, don't even get me started. i went into the mall today to pay some bills, and i had to resist from wandering around my favourite shops. i did it. i am very proud of myself, however i do remember seeing some very lovely things in the windows... and i might have to go back this weekend after i get paid...
hooray for paydays! (nothing perpetuates debt like good ol payday!)

you know what i don't understand?
how people can like monkies & clowns.
just evil. pure satanic evil.

in other news: UWMC Dental billing SUCKS.
that's for those of you that didn't already know. and let me say that i feel like i am doing a two person job sometimes.... oh wait. this month i am.
I don't understand how one system can have so many f*ups... it really amazes me. and every month, it's something different. i won't go into the boring details, but it's really a pain in the arse.
::sigh:: oh well, i guess i'm happy it's such a mess, 'cause if it wasn't i wouldn't have a job.

so the other day we thought our bird solo was a girl, that's because our other bird stich was gettin it on with solo, and solo was acting like a girl... so the logical conclusion was that solo was a girl.
but then, yesterday, we saw solo shagging the pillow. like a boy. so... i think my birds may be gay?
any ideas?

my tummy is rumbling, i shall feed it to make it happy and to also make it stop making those icky noises.
icky icky noises. go away!!

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