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just... why.

that's all i want to know. if i can know the answers to 'why' then i'll be happy.

...or will i?
if knowing all the answers to 'why', then what will be left to wonder about? what would be left to figure out? would things cease to progress if there were no more 'why's?
as i can recall, from my art history courses and world events history courses, the period of time with the least amount of progress seeems to be a period where the 'why's weren't considered. things were just left as is...
and to me, that seems to have been a scary period of time.
& how is it that some people are just prone to consider 'why' so much more than others? are they of a different breed? perhaps the people that don't consider 'why' are just filler, a manifestation for the people who wonder 'why' so that they can find some answers to 'why'...

hmm... i wonder...
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