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congrats, you got yourself a cell phone...

welcome back to the 21st century Sarah. I was living two years without, but lately I've found that it would be really helpful to have a cell phone about.
What work? you would like a phone call when I'm running late from class?
What Andrew? you would like a phone call when I'm stuck in traffic?
besides... if I get this job, it will be field work, and I will need a cell phone, and I doubt that the Univ will foot the bill....or will they...???... hmm... I get 15% off my bills for being a UWMC employee. so that was good news.


Still, I'm such a sell-out. [bows head in disappointment and clasps hands over forehead]

I have about two hours to blow until Andrew gets home... what to do what to do??.... homework? that sounds good. oh boy. I get to read about design.

ok, I'll add wine time to that to help me ease my pain...
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