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I wasn't going to post.... but what the hell?

1) I saw the most beautiful quote today by a poet referred to as "Hafiz" [or Hafez]
"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being."
It has relevance. [I almost spelled 'relevance' as 'revelance' ... tummy's telling my brain it needs food, and since brain's not making body get food (b/c of that whole "free will" thing my brain's got going for it) my body is making my brain not work... see the cycle??]

2) I cannot believe it, but I have lost 20lbs since this time last year. I didn't realize I was that heavy. That's what marriage does to you... [only 10lbs to go!]...

3) Every day I use I-5 going home I see the same tag [I've seen it downtown as well..] it says "1+1=3" and you know for some reason the other week it just hit me... well, 1+1 could equal three, when you think of it in relation to creation. When you have two people, on their own they are two, but if you combine them, then they are three... and could possibly even be more.
hmm... there's a lot more to that, but I don't want to type it all out, I would rather have a conversation with someone who's into philosophy about that one!

4) I spent entirely TOO LONG on Medicare crap today. I think about 64% of my time at work is spent wondering what the FUCK the patient care coordinator thinks she's doing at the Oral & Maxillofacial clinic... the sad thing is, she gets paid more than me, and she knows less than me. AGH!! The injustice!!!

5) I haven't yet heard back from HMC Compliance. I hear the question "have you heard?" from people at work at *least* twice a day.
"NO! I haven't heard for fucks sake, if I did believe me, you would be the first to know so I could get you off my ass!"

6) I'm not an angry person.

7) Weather's been nice. I should be out taking photos of the lovely colours on the trees... so why ain’t I?
DIGRESSION: 'ain't' used to be a word. It wasn't until people started abusing it and using it in places it wasn't meant to be that it was banned.

I am: I am not*, you are: you aren't, he/she is: he/she isn't, they are: they aren't, we are: we aren't

* 'I am not' was used because "ain't" was being applied to all pronouns; which wasn't its initial intent or proper use. "Ain't" was coined because "I amn't" didn't work well as a negation as it didn't sound good [but since when did English sound good??]

The End.

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