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work rant

Every day I feel like I must be blessed... what with my being able to see that I'm surrounded by stupid people & whatnot...

In my job I work for the greater good of the whole. The other people I work with, well that's not so much their priority. I'm sorry, I care about my job. I care about what I do, I care about doing things right the first time, and if I don't happen to do it right the first time, I like the feedback so that I don't repeat my mistakes. I like making things better, it makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile, but when I bust my ass in an attempt to make things better, and dip shits come along and manage to muck things up more than they already have done, well then it just pisses me off.
-I just fixed one thing, and you nimrods need to have that kiltered balance in your life, so you go and screw something else up. It's like this, I get one thing fixed, and then they forget how to do a totally different part of their job, so as the shit runs downhill, I get to step in it, and try & clean it up. and they're always shitting in different spots. it's so irritating... I'll rub their nose in the one spot that they shat in, then I clean it up, so as that's getting done they go to a different place and shit there... so then here comes the process again, I have to rub their nose in that other spot they shat in, and start cleaning it up... it's a never-ending cycle.

it's amazing.

I can't believe that some of these people are old enough to be my parents. shit. I won't EVER let myself get like that! I was raised better. I guess when your parents drill it into your brain that you can be or do anything you want in life, that you have that potential inside, it's not something that you just sit idly by and pick your nose to while you ponder it over.
crap, but I guess that's one of the differences between *my* kind of people and *those* kinds of people. Some people are more than happy just going through life not questioning anything, or trying to think on their own for themselves, that's not me. I am going to make something of myself; I'm not going to be some 45 year old lost soul who works with someone who's old enough to be my daughter. hell no. no one half my age will be my equal in a job. that's a disgrace to the advancement of human kind.

Always push forward, always learn more, and never look back. For those of you who think that things are hopeless, well the only thing that is hopeless is you.

end of ranting session.
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