dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly

"I don't wanna wait in vain"

had a quiz today.
lucky for me I got the images of the designers who had easy to spell names. none of that Guillaume Apollinaire crap.
shit. was SO worried that I was going to have to remember how to spell that one! I know that in the moment of panic I wouldn't have been able to do it.
of course now that I complained about it, I just spelled it absolutely perfectly.

you make me lonely

dunno. just thought it sounded nice. through the ears & onto the keyboard.

I'm waiting for my mum to drop off my boots that my little sister borrowed... she said she would be here around 5/530. it's now 630, see how dedicated to her job she is?

ok, well it's about time I started watching Van Helsing... couldn't finish it last night, or give it my full attention, so that's what I get to do tonight. oh boy. what fun.
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