dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly

Happy Halloween

Every year my grandparents have a pumpkin party. They live on acreage up north on an island, & part of their garden has pumpkins. So in order to put use to those pumpkins they decided, some ten or so years ago, to have annual pumpkin parties.
There's food, alcohol, kids, dogs, a piñata, & lots of people [this year there was 25 or so, mostly family, but a few long time friends of the family]

SO, for the record, let me just say that I'm absolute CRAP at pumpkin carving. I'm totally serious, you could give me a pumpkin, tell me to carve a circle, and you'd end up with something more like an oval. It's quite embarrassing.

So last year, I thought myself quite clever when I decided I was going to uptake doing the Miller HIGHLIFE logo... well, I botched it. [of course] & quite badly at that. I mean, the first problem was that I didn't do the text large enough, so when I carved it, the loops on the letters were so thin & close together that they broke. ya. In vain I attempted to fix it....gimmie toothpicks!... alas, I was unable to save the poor creature. so I resorted to the primitive plan B... which was a rather large eye patch for a quite generic pumpkin face. ::shakes head in disappointment::

This year, my cousin took it upon himself to restore the glory to the Miller HIGHLIFE logo, and because of his craftful mastery, we now have this beauty which is carved pumpkin.

this is a tribute to my cousin Nick, and his skill at pumpkin carving. I salute you!
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