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So last year for Christmas I bought Andrew a voucher to Gene Juarez salon & spa for a body massage, as he's never before received a professional one. Well, he decided that he won't be using this voucer, so he gave it to me to use for a hair cut.


My hair hasn't been cut for nearly a year now. I had a bad experience last time, and I cried, and it was short and ugly. So it's taken me this long to work up my courage to go back in and get a cut/trim. This time nothing new. nothing dramatic. just a restructuring of my already existant layers.
oh thank you universe.

in other news:
we went out last night w/my friend Leah & her b/f Henry. Leah was supposed to be a "Fantasy Fairy" and I was... well, I don't really know. I guess you could call it a forest fairy, or nymph [as I didn't have wings] but it really didn't matter much. it was a costume. both Leah & I were on ass patrol [as in, to make sure that neither of our asses were being exposed by our outfits]
Leah's wings broke before the night really began, so she ditched them and we decided that she was little bo peep,... but without a staff, or any sheep... um, ya. I don't really know how that works. Andrew was pegged as Death, and Henry, well he had a Jason mask, but he didn't bring it out at all... so we don't know what Henry was supposed to be...::shrug::...
So we went to Tiki bobs first [not by choice] as one of Leah's high school friends was having a b-day party there, but they hadn't arrived yet, so we left & went to Element
hmm... in general it was a good time, lots of people in costumes, good crowd, crappy top 40 music. *gag*
We hadn't been there before, and the only thing that we would have changed about it was the music. oh dear Lord. the music was HORRIBLE. I just had to keep my mind/ears closed & numb so as not to lose my sanity from the horrible music selections the dj was making.

What did we obtain from the night?
A realization that Halloween is an excuse for some men to wear womens clothes.

The End.
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