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dissolves instantly [userpic]

November 3rd, 2004 (05:10 pm)

current mood: blah

well, there goes Washington state, right down the same hole it's been going down for the last 20 years.

she's a complete idiot. it was so close, but nope. it really does look like people are stupid enough to vote for someone who answers the question "and what is your plan for Washington state" with "I have a very good plan for Washington State..." mind you, she never actually told anyone what her plan was.
now, in all logic, why on EARTH would you vote for someone who didn't even disclose their plan to you?



it's ok, it's only a few years of my time and my tax dollars that are going to be going to that dumbass.

just like how 40 of my hard earned dollars are raped from me every month by that stupid union I am forced into. now you wanna talk about a piece of shit? just look at SEIU-925. what a bunch of money grubbing lazy dill holes.

yes. that's right, I said dill holes. :oX


I would talk about the presidential election, but I know better than to walk through that water.

that's it. enough said.

now, what's for dinner?


Posted by: ffmedic4life (ffmedic4life)
Posted at: November 14th, 2004 04:07 am (UTC)

"dill holes"

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: November 14th, 2004 11:41 am (UTC)

hmmm... yes. very amusing.

& in the words of Mr. Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland "who are you?"

Posted by: ffmedic4life (ffmedic4life)
Posted at: November 15th, 2004 02:20 pm (UTC)

yeah, sorry. was doing a random search of interests-->seattle. as i am most likely moving there next may, my mother lives in Renton, WA. came across your journal. found it to be quite interesting. i see you started reading mine, so not sure what else to tell ya about myself. i'm finishing up school here in the upper penisula of michigan. i've got an associates in paramedic medicine and fire science, working on BS of fire science with chemistry minor. i like long walks on the beach...ha, seriously i'm not a salesman.
ummm...let me know if i left anything out.

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: November 16th, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)
greatest pumpkin of all time

ahhhh Renton...

have you been to the Seattle area before? of all the cities I've been to, I think Seattle is one of the prettiest.
of course, I've never lived anywhere else, so I could be a little biased, but it's really quite stunning. Nice skyline, good outdoor activities, and good shopping...

I think Andrew likes it well enough, and I stole him away from sunny ole England... heh.

Posted by: ffmedic4life (ffmedic4life)
Posted at: November 17th, 2004 12:00 am (UTC)

I've been there twice now. And, I've been to countless other cities and countries(execpt England). But, I still do love it in the Seattle area. People are different there. Can't really explain it though. Culture, oh yeah, plenty of that. I really want to live somewhere I have choices of activities, not happening here.

Most memoriable experiences in Seattle were Pikes Place Market, Issaquah, Tiger Mountain, Bremerton Island, some other place, and another place too. Where did you do the rafting at, Seattle area? Gotta let me know, I'll check it out sometime. As for no sun, it's a hell alot better than snow 7-8 months a year! If you disagree, I can gladly send you some... :)

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: November 17th, 2004 06:05 pm (UTC)

ya... people are different in the Seattle area... dunno if it's that strange twitch they all have, or the three arms... but there's something about 'em... I totally agree w/you

Issaquah? What was memorable about Issaquah?!?!?????

I do quite enjoy going for a visit to some other place, and another place too; very good times can be had there.

ok. I'll stop being a smart ass now.

Where did you do the rafting at, Seattle area?
nope. went rafting on the white salmon/little salmon [can't remember the name of that so well... something to do w/salmons...] & then the one from the photos that were just up was over yonder... in the mountains. umm... the grand tieton river???? not so sure on that.

ya, send some snow on over, but could you direct it towards the mountain/pass area? we need to go snowboarding this year, and I'd like there to be some powder ...

Posted by: ffmedic4life (ffmedic4life)
Posted at: November 19th, 2004 10:58 pm (UTC)

I think it might be all the coffee drinking that makes everyone grow an extra apendage.

Did I say Issaquah? Opps, I remember driving through there to Snoqualmie Falls. That's what I meant. That is a beautiful place. I also remember no mosquitoes, I can send you a few million of those with the snow.

How far we talking to get to snowboarding? I just have to take 2-3 steps out my back door, well, for cross-country skiing anyways. Snowshoeing is over-rated. Every been on a snowmobile?

Love the icon. At first glance I was like 'what the hell is that!'

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: November 20th, 2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
what's that? a smile?

ummmm... coffee.........

oh, Snoqualmie Falls is SO beautiful!
did you go hiking at the bottom of the falls??

oi. there are mosquitoes. & they like to eat me every chance they get. :o/

40-60min drive to the closest slopes... but they aren't the best...

thx. my little sis took that pic of my grandparents dog... my cousin held it up in the air, hence the strange point of view.

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