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Cosmo will tell me some "Awesome New Bed Tricks That Actually DOUBLE a Man's Pleasure"

oh boy. & let's see, what else... hmm... 'FEEL HOT NAKED! We Take the Stress Out of Stripping Down'.

now, I don't know about you, but that really isn't so stressful. I find that trying to buckle the little straps on stilettos while standing up is quite stressful...teetering on one little heel while trying to buckle the oh so small strap around the other ankle. Or how about a meeting that you're supposed to be chairing.
now, those are stressful situations.
not taking off ones' clothes.

some people. think they have it sooo rough.


oioi! & furthermore, for the record, I kick ass! :o) it's good to be recognized by higer ups at work. makes me want to kick more ass ;o)

back to work for me tomorrow. being sick these last two days has been fun, but I think I'll stick to getting out of the house for the day. earn some money & whatnot.
you know, life & responsibility type stuff.

so my friends, it's ciao for now!

October, & the trees are stipped bare, of all they wear, what do I care?

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