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some things in life aren't meant to be understood...

for example, the billing practices by Sprint PCS...

or my insurance company "oh, we were holding those claims because we need to know if your spouse has any other coverage..."
"well, did you even think about calling us or sending us a letter in the mail?"
didn't think so.



and to top it all off, the fuzzy princess pink sweater I ordered from Victoria's Secret, way back in July, finally came out of backorder & "shipped" on the 29th of October... according to the email I got.
but have I received this sweater?
nothing to date.
called them and spoke w/Daniel... odd... it's a good thing I didn't have to talk about my panty purchase. but it's ok, he sounded gay.
anyway, he said that it should have been received on the 10th of November.
no Daniel. no fuzzy princess pink sweaters here.
so he was going to put in another order for it, should ship w/in 7-10 days.
but wait, did you still want princess pink?
oh, well that's backordered until the fourth of December, and then it will ship w/in 7-10 days after the invoice is registered.
just cancel that order Daniel.
so at least I have a 50 some odd $$$ credit on my VS account now....

so should I buy those boots? I already have them paid for...::sigh::....

in general, I am quite impressed that all three of these accounts just managed to be all screwed up. at least it's consistent...

I can't sit here anymore- Andrew gave the birds’ broccoli today, and it stinks. :oX
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