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mindless babble

it was sunny when I got out of bed this morning... but not it appears as if some clouds have rolled on in.

need to go & get my Rx... think I'll take my camera w/me... just in case I see anything that inspires a photograph.

haven't done much of anything useful w/my camera lately. guess I'm not really inspired by much right now? oh well, go through these droughts frequently.

did something to my back/neck. it's abso-fucking-lutely KILLING me. felt like whip-lash, and I wonder to myself, what happened to me in my dreams, that caused me to wake up like this?
Andrew says it's our mattress.
maybe so... but we can't really afford a new one right now tho... first things first when I have some extra cash- getting the front side fender fixed.
it's starting to rust now... suppose that makes sense, been a few months since the damage incurred.

library sounds like a good idea today... need to get some books on lighting, so I can masterfully craft this paper that's due in a few weeks time.
if I can make a good thesis statement, and then get some good points, then on tuesday I'll review w/a TA... hopefully they'll think it'll make a kickass paper.

I strongly dislike having to write about things I'm not motivated about.
oh boy.

meet me, in space

this is probably one of my favourite songs by Massive Attack....

I need to buy a good chill-out/trip hop album... my music library is suffering... any suggestions?
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