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chai tea.... it's strange how one week you are without something, and then the next week it is in your daily life.

I love you Chai Tea. .:slurp:.

now. what's for dinner? I am hungry, but there's nothing here that I really want to eat.
what I want to eat, is Mexican food, with some lovely cold BEER

UMMM... BEER!!!!!!!!!!

hmm... well I did get the check from my ins co, I could always go to the store & get some...

but drinking alone is no fun.
but it is beer...


Life is full of such tough decisions!!!

I'm so bored, in case you couldn't tell... it's saturday evening, and here I am, typing away. I wish all my friends weren't so far away, or engaged with other business. guess that means I should make more friends.
so I'm currently accepting applications...

I just recently went through all my photos, and put them in rough date order in photo albums. I've realized how much I hate having mismatched albums.
ugh. the inconsistency just erks me for some reason.
dunno what it is... I think it's tied to that same feeling I get when the silverware is all out of order in the drawer... oh, that just makes my skin crawl.

alrighty, well I guess I am going to go & check out the kitchen, maybe open the cupboards & fridge up, look for something appealing to eat... probably not find anything, so then I'll bum around on the sofa... perhaps turn on the telly? or maybe watch a dvd...

gawd I'm boring.
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