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braved the mall today with a friend.
she was buying clothes for herself
I showed courage
and restrained myself from purchasing anything for myself
good girl Sarah.
I nearly bought a pair of pants though
on sale
but then that little voice in my head
that's his name
the little voice in my head
he reminded me of others
so I cheerfully put the pants back.
but I was bad
I did buy some things for myself.
90$ worth of some things...
but they aren't just for me
they're for Andrew too... in a once removed kind of way
if that makes sense.
looks to be dinner time
I feel like a bottle of wine
not literally
I mean, I don't feel like I have a cork in the top of my head
and lovely rouge coloured contents inside...
well.........maybe I do have the above......
I should walk myself to the store
buy a bottle of wine
then come home
cook dinner
drink wine
and watch a movie.

sounds nice.
I wish I had a friend that lived around here
to keep me company
while Andrew's away at work.
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