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it is hot

oh yes it is.

& I wonder why I am so cold in other peoples homes... when it's b/c our's at an almost constant 85 degrees... duh.
I am used to it.
Ya, sometimes it's a little annoying... especially when you've been trodding around a lot outside in the cold, so your internal body temp raises, and coming into the inferno is a little like walking into a sauna, that wears on you after a while though. all it requires for remedy is removal of clothing, into more sutable attire, namely summer type clothes.

people don't like visiting though, first thing they always say is "oh, it's so HOT in here..!"

so take off all yer clothes

sorry. it just appeared in my brain... anytime someone says it's hot, that just runs through my mind... thanks Nelly.

speaking of Nelly, he's a short man. ok, so I'm like 5'7" right? well, I believe that the top of his head was about level with my eyes... so how tall would that make him... about 5'5"??

anyway... back to the original topic, hot apartment.

so... it's kinda nice having a hot apartment, because it allows you to open a window in the winter... something I would never do in a warm to cool apartment.

ok. now to cooking.

ps. did I tell you that this icon is a Sarah original? yes indeedy doo... that it is...
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