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I'm in a bad mannar way today


Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

what to comment on... hmmm.... there's stuff worth talking about, I just know it. hmmm....

nope. can't really think of anything right now.
or, can I???

[intermission music]

Fart lady at work is trying to be nice to me. :o/ Why is it that there are people out there, that no matter how cold you are to them, they still want to talk to you? I don't understand it.
However, the cranky Study Coordinator has come around, and is now nice to me. Muwahahahahaa... my plan of being disgustingly nice must have worked! she was actually joking with me over the phone.
I am guessing that she got laid. [shrug] dunno.

they might promise you that the river ain't deep

I want ice cream for dinner, but I know I should have salad.
ok, here's a compromise conscious, salad for dinner, ice cream for desert.

I get to start the welding portion of class tomorrow. Oh boy. I can't wait to weld stuff together. ;o) It's gonna be great. Then I'll have powers of super craft-dom! Crafters, UNITE!!!!

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