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hello frappichino!!

umm.. I'm fat with love for Starbucks.

two hours to go... then, ultimate freedom.

Dear Universe,
Please let the next two hours go by quickly.
Yours truly,

Oh, so while the majority of my coworkers are out on an extended lunch, rowing a boat around lake Washington, here I sit, working... haha, but guess what suckas, I GET TO LEAVE EARLY!!!!!
buwaahahahahahahahahaaha...hahahahahahahahahaa.... hohohohohohohoohoo.... hum.
and in my opinion, leaving early on a day like this is FAR better than rowing a boat around a lake.

I hope someone falls in.

Pam- guess what, three people in my office can't swim! Good thing I didn't go, because I wouldn't have wanted them in my boat! [once I've got it capsized, I ain't savin' NOBODY!]

wait a minute, these three people are 30+, what are they talking about they can't swim, what kind of childhood did they have?!?!? Not a good one, that's for damn sure!!!


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