dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly

well, i was planning on going to this rave last saturday, BUT since this is seattle, and rave promoters are DIP SHITS it got canceled. i cried. i was about to see dj hurricane from the beastie boys...::sniff.sniff::.... Oh well... save my money for two raves next weekend :) woo hoo!!! hmmm... living at home is killing me. i really hate it here. can't wait to move out. i don't even care if i live in a cardboard box on the side of I5 (i do, ... but it might actually be better than here) school sucks. i hate it. i am glad i decided not to go into architecture (especially here) why? cause the arch dept is on serious CRACK! they have NO clue at all... i guess that is why contractors and everyone that has to work w/architects don't like them. they are air heads. NOT the job for me. wow... look at me blab. oh, i could go on.... but i won't i'll save whoever still reads this stuff the pain. :) have a good day off !!
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