dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly


looks like it's gonna be a lonely summer. i guess i will focus on work, and self improvement.

i really want to leave this place, just for a while...i feel like moving away and only telling the people that i know care.

feels like high school again with my friends jessica and misty back in town. yep, just like high school, i never saw them. it was better with them being away, because then i didn't notice how excluded i was from things.

it's nice to get a call from a person you haven't seen in a few years...but the only point of the conversation is because they want someone elses phone number. thanks. i feel great. heh, more like a door mat

the good thing is i will have work and school to occupy my time this summer, then it will take the focus away from how little i will actually get to see them.
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