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why is it...

that someone I spend most if not all free moments with doesn't see how much I care about them, how much I worry about loosing them as a friend, or even how much they control my heart.

All that is seen is the meager amounts of time I spend on other things.

I feel like I've been hit. No one understands. No one ever will, or even cares to.

There are so many sides to a diamond that one can choose which side they want to see, and it's highly possible that the side you choose to see, isn't the same side that anyone else sees. I think that there is an internal struggle that one must face to see who they really are, or what side fits them the best.

I am SURE that they way some people see me is because they want to see me that way... that they look for certain things I do that would support their view of me.

I only want judgement on one day, and that day has yet to come.

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