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all over your face

all I have to say is I'm legal. :) finally.

do you hear it? do you hear it? it's getting closer. it's getting closer. listen...

like I was saying, or was I? well... at any rate yesterday was my 21st birthday, needless to say I did get smashed. I had two AMFs, which is now my new favorite drink, a duck fart, a blow job, sex on the beach, an irish car bomb, and a green demond. heh... luckly there was no pukeage and I didn't wake up with a hangover. I did pass out, but that was on a couch.

I quit my job on tuesday, I'm scared to go back to work. my boss has a tendancy to be verbally abusive and manipulative. she also has a problem with telling bad lies (they are so obvious!) and exaggerating. I decided that I can't work for someone like that, especially if they are not a politician.

today I am going to buy my bird a bigger cage. lucky little rat w/wings.

I want something else, I'm not listening when you say, good bye
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