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Laboratory tested to dissolve within 4-6 hours

ahh... my teacher canceled class today so i get to go outside and enjoy the heat. working on my ultraviolet radiation today. hope to get some skin cancer *crosses fingers* ouh goody...

i got a letter from my friend who is visiting corsica, i felt special. :)

my sister and i have been bonding lately. it's kinda cute. sometimes i think i don't look at relationships within my family as deep, but with my sister, we are pretty close.

tomorrow i am taking pics at a wedding. i have to go to the camera store this evening and get some sexy filters and film. you know... all the important stuff for cute nauseating wedding photos. *gag*

i watched a chick flick last night. eek! head over heals.. it was actually pretty funny...

alright, bring the radiation on!
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