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memories in minutes

thoughtful post? probably not.
random thoughts? very probable.

i've been consistant with this daily two mile walk. it's nice, getting into a regular exercise routine. also it gives me some time to talk w/a good friend and vent about random shit. it's a good and healthy outlet for my mental and physical development.

i'm scared. i might go and get a shot today... and it's not just some little piddly shot that one would get in the arm. it's a HUGE fucking needle that they are gonna JAB into my HIP or ASS... and this scares me. i hate HUGE needles and i hate it when the HUGE needle needs to inject a LOT of fluid. my hip/ass is gonna be sore. :( oh well, c'est la vie

so i was watchin the vma last night and i got a call from my mom. "sarah, your sister isn't home and i don't know when she is going to get home and if she has a key..." and you are telling me this because? "i'm taking your father to the ER right now"... wait what? why? "oh, he cut his hand and it won't stop bleeding. he needs some stitches" how did that happen? "he was taking out the garbage and someone didn't take the lid off their soup can..." uh oh... this call was at 815.so i went home. sat there for a while then 905 rolls around and i get another call from my mom, they were STILL at the er and the waiting room was FULL. they got home at 1130 for seven stitches. it's amazing how long you have to sit there and wait, and then when you get the bill it makes you wonder if they are mostly charging you for sitting in the waiting room cause you really only saw the dr for maybe 20 min tops.

today i'm gonna be like a regular james fucking bond. i have a mission... find a job and earn some money. upon completion you will be well compensated for your efforts.

think i'm going camping this weekend. weeee.... outdoors here i come. :)

my car got it's oil changed and now it's beautiful. it's got shiney tires! :) the dealership cleaned my car for me. woo hoo!! (i'm mostly excited about the shiney tires)

can you take, take the time?
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