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yesterdays activities

wow. i was so active yesterday. i got up at 740am & took my sister to school, then i came home and went back to bed *i know this doesn't sound so active so far... but it gets better* i set my alarm for 9am so i can get up and get ready to go on my two mile walk/jog/sprint-a-thon w/misty. well, 815 rolls around, i'm awake, 830, still awake... then my alarm goes off at 900..... of course i hit snooze cause it only takes me about five minutes to change into my work-out clothes. heh.... all of a sudden my celly rings, it's misty "hey sarah..." "SHIT!!! i'm sorry misty, i'll be there in a few minutes" it was 945. oops!

so after our lovely two mile walk (we hadn't gone for a few days, so our asses grew too big to jog/sprint) i went home and did some more exercises... u know, gotta keep the beer from formin a belly. showered.......& then laid down cause it was cold... heh, ya, i ended up falling asleep. oops. got up and finished getting ready for the day. then i went out and met cameron.

we went to belltown billards to play pool. the guy that was working there was so great. he let us play for free. WOO HOO!! even tho i suck at pool, and cameron would pratically clean up the table on his first turn, i had fun :P after that we ate and i went home.

i decided i would drag my sister to the gym with me. i was surprised, she came willingly. we only worked out for 45 minutes, but this was ok because we both hadn't been in MONTHS........ what can i say? we are lazy asses :P i was afraid i had gained pounds and lost a bunch of my muscle capacity, but after starting my routine i found that the only thing i lost was my ability to do cardo for an extended period of time (over thrity minutes) but this can change quickly, & as far as the weight gain? i actually lost some since the last time i weighed myself. good? bad? i don't know... it could have been muscle. ::sniffle::

so after that my muscles were quivering because they weren't used to the activity.

it was great, i ran into an old high school friend at the gym. i barely recognized her she has changed so much *for the better* i got her numbers, gonna have to go out w/her sometime.... or work-out w/her... either or

i was going to try and get to bed early last night, but it didn't happen. i get distracted so easily. damn.

today looks like it's gonna be fun filled. weeeee...... well, not that much fun, more like wee...... only a little bit of fun.

hmm... what day is today? shoot... lemmie see..... ok, it's wednesday the 26th of september. riiiiiiight... i knew that. :P see that's why i need to be doing something like work or school, so i know what day it is.

i was so happy. mike called me last night. he was in vegas & told me he spent about $30 on about 3-4 beers. DAMN what a rip off....& why would anyone spend that much on a single beer? i sure hope he was lying and gave the money to strippers. woulda made more sense. oh well. he is happy to be back in utah *kind of* he says it's so beautiful (& he's not talking about the landscape) the girls there are heavenly. so, if you are a guy and want to be around beautiful chicks... go to utah. :P nevermind oral sex is illegal, the girls are hot. i was thinking about visiting him this winter and going snowboarding, but then the damn winter olympics are gonna be there.... & that won't be any good, the slopes will be crowded and overpriced. & ugh, how i HATE overpriced mountains.

i think i'll just save my money and hit up baker a few times or go on a trip to blackcomb.... hmm... looks like i should try and get some people to go w/me too..... it's always more fun going with other people.

yea! it's flowerz by armand van helden ::drools:: *happy dance*

alright, i told my dad i would renew his tabs today, so i better go before the line is too long. i think i'll get my school books today too... that would be good and productive of me. :)


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