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"heaven's forbidden, but i'm going soon... kiss me one last time before i take my flesh away..." - Flesh by Jan Johnston & BT

ummm... room temp cranberry juice. oh well... i'll live

i woke up with some muscle cramping, but after my shower they seem to have vanished. :) good thing, i wasn't ready to do any pill poppin today. speaking of pill poppin, i haven't taken me veet-a-mens in a while... ummm... veet-a-mens & room temp cranberry juice.....::bleh::..... lemmie see, i'll take a B-12, B-6, E and Chromium. *gag*

"do you really wanna touch it, do you really wanna fuck with me tonight? & if you know how i like it would you call my name and give it to me right?" Monifah - touch it

i bought a new skirt last night... it's long, black and has a slit up each side. i think i'm gonna wear it today... yayaya

i hate this. EVERY SINGLE MORNING someone from an unavailable number calls, doesn't say ANYTHING and then hangs up. one morning they did this THREE TIMES. every morning... it drives me fucking insane. makes me wanna do harmful things to them. if you are gonna call, SAY SOMETHING!!!

-deep breath- one, two, three.....
ok, i think i'm better now.

you know what's a curse about being female? well... i'm sure you all could think of a few things... okok, a LOT of things... but i'm focusing on one right now... it's that we have this odd compulsive obsession with buying shampoo when we have forty other bottles that are almost completely full sitting at home. it's a very strange female trait. i don't know where it came from, but i HATE it. no more shampoo for me unless i have no more.

"it's the little things you do, that makes me wanna get w/you" - Wreckx N Effects - Rumpshaker

hmm... going out with Joe tomorrow night. i have no clue what we are gonna do, but we are gonna do it. :) sounds like fun no? i'm excited... but what to wear?... hmm...........................................................

the other day my friend Brandon called me (we used to go to high school together) well, the other week he & i "got to know eachother a little better" and i hadn't heard from him in a while. i'm laying in bed... thinking "i wonder what happened to Brandon? is he still alive? hmm..." then my cell phone rang. i was wondering who the hell it could be at 145am... heh, it was Brandon. (of course you knew this already, i told you he called at the begining of the story)
him: "i was just wondering if you wanted to come over"
me: "dude, i'm in bed"
him: "so you don't wanna come over?"
me: "no seriously, i'm really in bed"
him: "oh... "
conversation continues
me: "are you drunk?"
him: " ya... why?"
me: "oh... just was wondering"
he told me he had friday off work. i told him i had plans but we could kick it saturday morning before he went to work
him: "but i don't know if i will want to study or if i'll be horny"
me: "uhhh... ok well give me a call sometime, bye"
talk about booty call or what?!?!! needless to say he is cut off. no more for him, he couldn't mind his manners

"it's like romeo and juliet, hot sex on a platter just to get you wet. yousabout ta get in somethin you will never regret, and it's gonna be the bomb this is what i bet... yep" Sylk-E Fyne - Romeo & Juliet

if you couldn't tell it's quote song day.... weee....

i'm thinking about adding on to my tattoo, but i don't know what i want to do to it yet... i might go into a tattoo artist and see if they have any ideas... i don't know if i wanna pay for other peoples ideas on my backside... still mulling it over.

my sister wants me to buy her alcohol tonight. opinions on this, should i? shouldn't i? please, give me some advice. *i'm leaning towards yes right now*

i'm kinda looking forward to sunday, i'm gonna go play some pool. weeee.... i didn't get to drag my sister out yesterday to play *sadness* oh well... i didn't really wanna hear her whine about this that and the other thing... so it's all good.

mon ami Benjamin crit toujours toujours en franais et je pense que je l'ai du parce que je n'cris jamais en franais. BENJAMIN, enfin j'ai crit en franais!! Et tu surpris?

ahhh... computer is on crack!!! nooooooooo.....
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