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dissolves instantly [userpic]

never really there before

October 3rd, 2001 (06:58 pm)

current mood: sick
current song: incubus - make yourself

in-cu-bus n. -- 1. An evil spirit supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep. 2. A nightmare. 3. An oppressive or nightmarish burden.

The Warmth - Incubus - Make Yourself

I'd like to close my eyes and go numb
but there's a cold wind coming from
the top of the highest high-rise today.
It's not a breeze cause' it blows hard
Yes and it wants me to discard the humanity I know,
watch the warmth blow away.
Do you think I should adhere
to that pressing new frontier?
and leave in my wake a trail of fear (?)
Or should I hold my head up high
and throw a wrench in spokes by
leaving the air behind me clear?
Don't let the world bring you down
Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.
Remember why you came and while you're alive
experience the warmth before you grow old.

i'm getting sick. sore throat, runny nose, cough developing. *bleh* it's no good *shrug* oh well, c'est la vie