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when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.... or pie..... or put it in beer...... ummm.... beer....

hey, where did my drink go anyway?

ok, i decided not to be a poopy pants and to go out and have fun tonight. what good is it to sit at home, all alone, thinking about all the bad things in your life? that doesn't sound like fun. :P going to a club, drinking alcohol w/your friends, meeting new people and shakin dat booty sounds like a whole barrel full of monkeys to me. ew... monkeys... evil.... ok, so not a barrel full of monkeys... more like a barrel full of.... ummm.... butterflies? nono, bunny rabbits... hmm... that doesn't quite work either. i know! giraffes! ya... they're coo. so a barrel full of giraffes... nonono, a hogshead full of giraffes.

i need to stop now

hahaa... my little sister got drunk last night *courtesy of moi* and she was gonna puke, but her friend was in the bathroom so she went into the kitchen and puked into a cooking pot. her other friend was watching and screaming "ewww, it stinks! IT STINKS!!" as puke was spewing out my sisters mouth and nose. then after that i guess they had to walk her other friend home, but before hand my sister was putting on her bras and underwear (over her clothes) and decided to walk her friend home in a corset and a thong... & to top it off she wore a pair of panties on her head. hahahaaa... i so wish i had been home to see all this. i would have laughed my ass off. hmm... now my sister wants to try weed. i don't know if i should smoke her out or not tho... any advice?

ok. i'm gonna go get ready now.
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