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"love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear"

recap of my weekend
friday - went to joes pad. went home, changed & went out to dinner and the showbox to see the basement jaxx with paul. ohmygawd. the basement jaxx rocked! they did a live performance, and they had a guy on the drums, two female vocalists and two more female dancers... it was amazing!! i had so much fun.

saturday - made some food for my grandma. went out with regina & corbin to the showbox... hmmm... this night is was more like the hoebox. *bleh* this guy was trying to get me to dance on stage... i had to refuse cause i knew that once i got up there i would lose all sense of rhythm & make a total ass out of myself... probably would have started dancing like elaine from sienfield. heh

sunday - i was a lazy ass *surprise* didn't get out of my pjs all day except to shower before bed. hmm... did a bunch of reading and some homework.

"was it worth it?"

it's cold in my house

today was a "i wanna sleep all day" kinda day. it was so hard to get out of bed this morning. i struggled. i'm still strugglin... in fact, i'm surprised i'm not in bed right now...

"how can you play with my heart?"

i've done some pretty horrible things in my life. wow.

ok i'm over it now

i'm trying to decide on who to go as for joes rockstar party this saturday... this is tough
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