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In-Depth Profile
CANCER (June 21 -July 22)
Cancer, you are so emotional! A sensitive water sign, you are ruled by the Moon and therefore very moody: caring one minute, touchy the next. Emotional security is extremely important to you, sometimes causing a great attachment to your family and/or your past. Although you initially impress others as very kind, your self-protective nature makes you difficult to get to know well. You see the outside world as an uncertain place, and until you feel safe, you will seem rather mysterious. Your home is an essential sanctuary from the world, a place where you enjoy low-key activities with your family and closest friends. Cancers are notorious pack rats and collectors, finding sentimental value in clutter.

Your tenacity is valued in many professions. Many Cancers choose to work in settings that allow them to care for others or that are involved with domestic activity. Because of your private nature, you are able to insulate yourself from the demands of many competitive work situations. Cancerians also possess a keen interest in money and show real talent in high finance. However, you aren't happy in a job unless you feel appreciated and secure. You therefore try to work with your friends, if possible; Cancers are well-known for obtaining high-level positions that allow them to hire their loved ones! Family-owned businesses are also very attractive.

You often function as the caretaker in relationships. However, if you are not genuinely loved in return, you withdraw and act as though there isn't enough love to go around. An unhappily attached Cancer will grow selfish and snappish, so you must choose a partner who is consistently able to meet your needs. Although most signs need romantic partners who can provide balance in their lives, you are at your best with someone who is similar to you -- not necessarily another Cancer, but a person who values privacy and the home, and who wants a merging type of relationship: someone you can really hold onto!

The way you approach relationships has a lot to do with your early years. If you had a secure, loving childhood, you will choose jobs, friendships and romantic partners that provide you with the love you deserve. If your childhood environment was chaotic, and your mother, in particular, was for any reason unavailable, you will display a tendency to make decisions which lead to addictive, co-dependent situations. For example, you may find yourself in a marriage with a drug user, or in a job where you take on too much just to please others. You wind up feeling used and exhausted because you confuse love with neediness. In order to establish a firm foundation of positive self-esteem, it is crucial that you face your past honestly and examine how it has affected your present. Always remember that you are worthy!

i am worthy
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