Something I've learned in life...

People are liars and cheats, and cannot be trusted.

Animals cannot be trusted because of their unpredictable behavior.

I cannot be trusted because it seems like no matter how many times logic tells emotion about something, emotion never listens. [emotion seems to run the show at times]

We start the week with a crappy night rolling into this crappy day, breaking into this crappy week.

Here's to life, you sadistic bitch.
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sPehShAll Edh

hello frappichino!!

umm.. I'm fat with love for Starbucks.

two hours to go... then, ultimate freedom.

Dear Universe,
Please let the next two hours go by quickly.
Yours truly,

Oh, so while the majority of my coworkers are out on an extended lunch, rowing a boat around lake Washington, here I sit, working... haha, but guess what suckas, I GET TO LEAVE EARLY!!!!!
buwaahahahahahahahahaaha...hahahahahahahahahaa.... hohohohohohohoohoo.... hum.
and in my opinion, leaving early on a day like this is FAR better than rowing a boat around a lake.

I hope someone falls in.

Pam- guess what, three people in my office can't swim! Good thing I didn't go, because I wouldn't have wanted them in my boat! [once I've got it capsized, I ain't savin' NOBODY!]

wait a minute, these three people are 30+, what are they talking about they can't swim, what kind of childhood did they have?!?!? Not a good one, that's for damn sure!!!

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Familiar with the saying ”It's like the blind leading the blind”?

Well, the other day I was in my car, at a red light on Broadway... well, I look to my right, and what do I see on the sidewalk? Two blind people walking together. haha, walking sticks and all.
I then saw the reaction on a guys face who they walked by; It was of utter confusion and disbelief. He even looked around as if to say "Where's the person you're with that can see..." &/or "Is anyone else seeing this?!?"

I dug for my camera phone, to see if I could capture the irony of the situation, however my light turned green and I had to move on.

:o) Life is funny.
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hanging on to the memory of what I had yesterday
life is blissful & exuberant at those moments

even though seemingly complicated a situation, it feels simple at best

everything else disappears & I am engaged in the interaction

if given a moment to stay at indefinitely
those feelings would be best amplified over time

can't stop the thoughts, however my mind is vast space
& words fail to exist

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So I bought a Brita filter not too long ago, thinking that it was a better option than buying the gallons of water at the grocery store.
Now I've realized that I don't like drinking water that smells like bleach, so I think I'll be going back to buying the gallons of water. :oP

so much for that idea.

I keep on having dreams lately, but come morning, I find that I'm struggling to remember them. What a tease. Knowing that you've had a dream, but not being able to remember it.
bastard brain.

So Solo & Stitch are laying eggs.... again.
My apartment is enough of an aviary already, I don't need any more. I swear, I live in a giant birdcage with a walk-in closet.

bah. I just want to be back in bed.
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messy hair

some mornings my face feels like a paint by numbers

idiots on the road, as usual.

What I can't stand, is when you're in a lane, which is pretty open in front of you, then the idiot in a lane to your side, decides that they want to be in your lane, even though theirs is completely empty; and the kicker? They're going about 15mph slower than you. of course.

why do idiots do this?
I just don't understand, can't they see that they're the ones causing traffic congestion?


All I have to say, is that those idiots on the road, better be pretty darn happy that I don't have a machine gun strapped to the hood of my car... because if I did, there would be a lot of people with flat tires trying to drive around.

Shopping with money you shouldn't be spending on clothes is kinda like going out drinking; it's fun, but you know the next day you're going to regret it.

Other than that, I got nothin. I'm hungry, and I am not too interested in my apples yogurt and crasins right now. boo.
I feel like eating beef. moo.

ummmm steak & eggs...::drool::..
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ewww... that stinks

(no subject)

my bottom lip is cursed.

either that, or I'm secretly on a mission to pierce it with my teeth.

here's to the third time in two days that I've chewed on the same spot.
gotta love me a fat lip.
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