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sahrie's Journal

dissolves instantly
"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being." -Hafiz

80s, amélie, antoni gaudi, architecture, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, art of noise, basement jaxx, baths, beastie boys, beer, biking, biting, body adornment, boots, breakbeat, brighton, bubbles, camping, cassius, chill out, cinema, claude perrault, clean clothes, clothes, clubbing, coconut, color, cooking, cotton candy, daft punk, de stijl, deepdish, depeche mode, design, dimitri from paris, disco, downtempo, driving fast, drum and bass, edith piaf, england, europe, everything but the girl, fashion, fleetwood mac, flowers, food, frank lloyd wright, french, garage, gorillaz, gucci, gucci ii, hall and oates, hiking, history, house, hugging, hugs, ice cream, intelligence, jamiroquai, jan toorop, jewelry, jungle, karma, kissing, lace, leather, licking, london, love, ltj bukem, m.c. escher, magic mushrooms, massive attack, max mara, ministry of sound, mr oizo, my birds, my brain, mystery, nag champa, nail polish, nature, night, oompa loompas, opium, orchids, paris, parties, perfume, photography, piercings, pink flloyd, pool, prada, puppy dogs, purity, radiohead, rock, romance, roni size, seahorses, seattle, sensuality, sex, shopping, showers, sleeping, snowboarding, spain, st etienne, starfruit, stilettos, stone temple pilots, strawberries, sublime, swimming, syrah, tanning, tattoos, teasing, techno, thai, the crystal method, the sun, thongs, tomatoes, tool, torque, trampolines, travelling, trip hop, tropical fish, true love, u2, vanilla, veggies, velvet, victor horta, violet, vitamins, way out west, wine, yves saint laurent